Gel it up !

From being fond of makeup since I was 5 to now being a professional makeup artist, I can very well understand the daily struggle one can go through to nail that perfect eye liner or for that matter putting kajal on your waterline that doesn’t smudge.

So why not have a single product which is good to go for  both eyeliner and kajal.

The idea of writing this blog is to throw some light on why is gel liner a “must have” and how to use it like a pro.

Gel  liners are by far one of the most reliable product you can have in your vanity for your eye glam.


Why gel liners?

1. You just need one product for both eyeliner and kajal. (Make sure you invest in the right brand)

2. It is layerable and buildable.

3. Can be used for both crisp clean liner and smokey eyeliner looks.

4. They last longer and also live longer in your makeup bag. (just get the right brand)

5. Gel liners can act as a fabulous base for all your smokey eye looks. You can decide how glam or intense you wish to keep them with choosing the right eyeshadow on top. Example, you can top golden/champagne/rose gold/ copper eye shadow on top for a glam look. You can top dark eyeshadows like green/burgundy/brown/ green/blue/ etc  for more intense look.

6. Once you blend a gel liner properly, it will stay put for hours.

The reason I am again emphasising on investing in the right brand is to let you experience the beauty of that perfect  eye makeup!

Not all gel liners would do the justice to your eyes or the look that you’ve been eyeing on, only the right ones would.

Whoever knows me long enough(specially from school) would know my fetish for eye makeup. From dense kohl eyes to now smoked out liner and smoked out kajal just halfway through, it has been a long journey. Trends change and so has my style for doing my eyes. I didn’t step out without kajal for 12 long years. Not even to school. I was addicted. And its been almost three years that i haven’t put kajal in my eyes, not even on my wedding day. Just a bit of smoke in the outer ends is what i do.


Gel liners helped me understand that sometimes a smoked out liner looks better than a clean crisp liner(holds true mostly for me. I prefer smoked out liner any day). Once you understand how it is done and how it actually looks you would actually relate to the quote ’less is more’. At-least on daily basis just a bit of smoke on your eyes would get you that attention on your eyes that you thought only experts could get. Though clean crisp liners do have their days and occasions.


You need not worry if you are new to this or if it didn’t work for you earlier.It is absolutely easy to do, specially for beginners.

Just put a thin line using the liner brush(it need not be even) on your lids and smudge it using the smudging brush and you are done. The best part is , even if you don’t put an even line you can blend it properly and cover up. Yay!

Pro tip –

1.Invest in the right product and brushes. It will help you in doing all sorts of different eye looks. Also, try playing around your crease. You would love the outcome.

2. Some gel liners might dry out due to reasons known/unknown. You can get your hands on a product called duraline from Inglot. Just a drop or two and your gel liner is as good as new.

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